About Us

If the very thought of ‘shopping & saving’ make you gleeful, then you are pretty much in the right place. As every drop in the ocean matters, so does every penny in your bank. And if you are here already, you probably know it well.

Don’t you just love when a few dollars are scraped off from your bill, or the store offers you some complimentary goodie? In those moments, not only do you feel special but also get free money, if you look at it realistically. And if you wish to shop at stores following the principle “pay less & get more,” we are here to aid you on your quest.

Our Motto

We at Couponclippindaddy.com curate hundreds of coupons that you can clip at various stores and shopping-sites to get what you want without compromising on quality or quantity. With Couponclippindaddy, you will not just save better but think smarter as well. Let’s see how…


Skyrocket your Savings with Coupons

We put in a great deal of effort to gather coupon-codes and printables of varying category.  With these, you can walk out of stores with both your bags and pockets full! Cool, isn’t it? So, if you are planning to save, nothing is better than coupons.

When it comes to couponing, we are your friend, philosopher, and guide!


Knowledge is Power

We don’t just update you on coupons, but also bring in crazily effective tips and hacks that you can use in real life to save even more. With our blogs and newsletters, you will get fact-filled tips, that sheds light on ways to save money without couponing as well. This way might not save much, but “something is always better than nothing.”


Fast and Smart Wins the Race

We know that the heading is antithetical to the centuries-old proverb. But you will have to agree, in today’s breakneck competition, the adage holds little value.

So, if you want to stay way ahead of others and grab the hottest deals with the lastest coupon available each day, our email alerts have got it covered for you.


Spread the Joy

Sure, you would like to grab each of the best deals first. But on our site, there are ample of coupons available. So, spread the joy and let your dear ones do some saving-up as well.

You can contact us anytime. Just click that link and fill it up!