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17 American Eagle Shopping Hacks That Will Save Money

Don’t we all just wish that stores gave out things on 100% off?! Well, that time will probably never come on this planet, but if you are intelligent enough, you can still save quite a good amount while shopping. In this article, I shall tell you 17 hacks that you can use at the American Eagle stores to save and get free stuff.

It was the year 1977 that saw the establishment of the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., now known as American Eagles. It is a popular lifestyle store where you can get denim, accessories, and other types of clothing.  The American Eagle clothing is not only of quality but also cool to wear. And if you are wondering how to get a free pair of denim and also save on other items while shopping at the American Eagle’s, then you have clicked the right link.

1.   Buy four Jeans and Get the Fifth One Free

If you happen to check into any of their outlets during the fall, you will most definitely find this offer. This deal dictates that on the purchase of four jeans, you will get the fifth one absolutely free. Great, isn’t it?! However, if you think that five pair of denim is too many for you, you can go shopping along with your friends and get the same offer. The same deal applies on bras too.


2.   Ask for Price Adjustment

Price adjustment isn’t a new concept, but did you know that you could avail this scheme at the American Eagle? Yes, if you happen to buy a product that goes on sale within 14 days from the date of purchase, you can claim a price adjustment and save some bucks on your bill. While asking for it, do remember to take the receipt along with you, just as a proof of purchase.


3.     Combine Coupons Along with a Gift Card and Save Double

Gift Cards are widely available. If you want it, you can easily lay your hands on one of them at a fairly discounted price. After obtaining a gift card, you can team it with other American Eagle coupons to get a double discount. Cool idea, right?


4.   Did You Know American Eagle Employees Get 60% or More off?

If you are an American Eagle employee, you will most certainly know their schemes. But if you are planning to join soon, you must know that, after an employee joins, he or she shall get a discount of 50% during the first week. After which it will be the standard 40% off on their merchandise. But if you can become an expert in selling jeans, you will be getting a 60% off on 12 items a month and a humongous slash of 80% on three things per month!

Great right? But here is the bad news, you can only buy things for your own self at a discounted rate. If you plan to gift your sister a gift by availing the employee discount, you are in for a disappointment.


5.     Shop at American Eagle for $50 and Get a FREE Shipping

In case you love American Eagles but are not fortunate enough to have a store near your home, you can simply shop online. In case you hate paying extra charges for shipping, you can shop for at least $50 or more and avoid paying their shipping charges of $7.99.


6.   Your Tattered Old Jeans is Worth $10 at the American Eagle

American Eagle follows the ”GO GREEN” motto. Hence, they recycle the old pair of jeans to make housing insulation. So, every time you give them your old jeans, you will get a coupon of $10 off. It is a deal that you simply should not miss; it is good for the environment and for your pocket too.


7.   Avail the Special Student’s Discount

To do this, you will have to download a different app which allows a 20% student discount. It is called the UNiDAYS where you can shop online from the American Eagle and get the discount. However, there is a slight letdown here. You will not get any discount on products that are already on sale. The discount is only applied to full-price products.


8.     Go During the ‘Friends and Family Sale’ and Save up to 30%

March is perhaps the best time to visit the American Eagle store. They offer a discount on pretty much everything. We all know how much those hoodies and sweaters cost during the winters right? So, why not buy them a little early for the next year? You can as well buy denim, shoes and other clothing items of your liking. Additionally, if your BFF has his or her birthday coming, it is perhaps a good idea to buy something from here. I’m sure your BFF would love it!


9.   Be AEO Connected and Win Cashback

AEO connected is basically the reward program of American Eagle Outfitters. With this program, you will get 10points on every dollar you spend.  On reaching 2500 point, you will get an off of $10, which amounts to 4% cashback. And it gets better from here; if you spend more than $350 a year at the American Eagle store, you will earn a discount of $15, which means the cashback will be 6%.


10. Enjoy 15% Discount During your Birthday Month

This discount applies to only AEO Connected members. So, as the heading says, you will get a 15% discount throughout your birthday month. However, you must remember that it will not work if you try to stack it with other coupons.


11. Get AEO Connected credit card and Avail 30% Off on First Purchase

Store credit cards are pretty cool. With the American Eagle store credit card, you will get a whopping discount of 30% on your first buy along with free shipping i.e. if you are making the transaction online.


12. Hack to Fix the Size Problem

Well, this isn’t a ‘saving tip’ particularly, but definitely is one that will help you. Finding the perfect size is quite a problem with readymade garments. It has happened to all of us, we walked into a store, saw a cool piece of cloth and while searching for the size, we discovered that ”size is not available”! Such a turnoff! If you face the same at the American Eagle Outfitters, worry not, they generally have sizes stocked up. Just ask any of the store guys out there to get your size, and they will fetch it in no time.

The American Eagle keeps clothing only up to size 16 in their stores. In case you need a larger size, you can surely shop online for the same brand and get it.


13.  Need Innerwear? Buy them for $2.50 each at American Eagle

If you have soiled inners in your drawer, get rid of them right away. The underwear section at the American Eagle stores hit sale once every month. They have two types of offers ” 10 underwear for $25” and ”10 underwear for $35”. Thrive for the $25 deal and get yourself 10 pieces of inner at just $2.50 each.


14. Get 25% Off on Graphic Tees on Signing Up for Email

Just sign up for the American Eagle emails and newsletters and you will get a coupon from their end that will allow you to avail a 25% on their Tailgate T-shirts.

Before you ask ‘what is Tailgate Tee?”, let me clarify, it is ‘Tailgate’ is a sub-brand of American Eagle that makes cool looking vintage T-shirts. All you need to do is enter your email and obtain the coupon. It’s as simple as that.


15.  Why Buy Clothes from American Eagle when You can Rent them?

In no way is this entry meant for dissuading people who want to buy from the American Eagle. All I’m saying is, it is cost-effective to just rent them. But first, persons who are averse to ‘renting clothes’ should scroll to the next point, because In this section, I shall talk about the renting scheme of American Eagle.

If you love to wear a new style every day, then this might just be the scheme for you. The store charges $49.95 per month, and in exchange, you can rent three pieces of clothing every week. It is like a library, except, in this case, you take clothes on rent and not books. Though do make sure that you rinse and return every piece of clean so that the next person can rent it.


16. Stop by at American Eagle Store During the Times of their Clearance Sale

The clearance sale is held four times a year at the American Eagle stores. They are at the end of each season and typically hit the stores during the months of January, March, July, and October. During the sale, prices are capped by as much as 60%, and there is a wide array of clothes to choose from.


17.  Save 25% on Referring a Friend

This scheme is a simple one. You just have to jot down your friend’s email address on a reference form. After (and if) your friend makes his or her first purchase, you will get a coupon of 25% off, and your friend will get to save 20% on the cart as well.

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