Top Exhibits and Coupons for SeaWorld San Antonio

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SeaWorld San Antonio Entry SignWhat isn’t there to love about seeing cute animals, eating vendor food, spending time with loved ones and friends. San Antonio’s SeaWorld brings all of these together and creates an exciting and joyful environment for a day or more of fun. Personally I love SeaWorld and all it offers, especially the food and entertainment. Plus it is a great way to stay out of that San Antonio summer heat! Also there are some many great ways to save money with coupons for SeaWorld San Antonio. Who doesn’t like saving money right?

However most people go to SeaWorld for the animals and they have many exhibits for you to see when you visit. They have so many that you could spend the entire day there and still not get to all of them, the shows and the rides. It can be hard choosing which ones to see and which ones to skip until your next visit. Some of the most popular exhibits are discovery point, the penguin exhibit, and the otters. Of course there are other exhibits but these ones are the most popular for all people including kids and adults.

Discovery Point

Discovery Point, my personal favorite, is home to dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, and many other cute animals. At Discovery Point, you can watch the dolphins swim and play, see the numerous beautiful fish a the reef, and the endangered sharks.It does cost a little extra to interact with the animals at Discovery Point but the extra cost is definitely worth it. You can swim and play with the dolphins, whales or sea lions!

Shows at SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld also has a wide variety of shows to entertain you while you wander from exhibit to exhibit. These shows include Open Discover: Dolphins and Beluga Whales, Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High, One Ocean, Killer Whales Up Close, Pets Ahoy, and many more. Any show taking place in the Shamu Theatre, Beluga Stadium, and the Sea Lion Stadium has reserved seating and will cost $20 more to see. These shows, especially Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High, are lots of fun and bring laughter to everyone!

Other Popular Exhibits

The next most popular exhibit is the penguins. Who doesn’t love the adorable little penguins? I could sit there all day and watch these social animals play and interact with each other, especially the baby penguins.This exhibit also has an encounter option you can chose to do more an addition fee. You can feed touch and play with the penguins. After you see the penguins, head over to the Pacific Point Preserve to see see the adorable otters. Or head over to Sea Lions and Otters at Play or the Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion high show where the otters make an appearance! These cute little otters won’t disappoint you with their playful interactions. Here is a great You Tube clip of the show for a little preview of the fun.

Exhilarating Rides

In between all the fun at the exhibits and shows make sure to stop by the water park and rides to cool off. Their most popular rides include The Great White, Journey to Atlantis, and the Rio Loco. SeaWorld’s water park is a separate fee but offer more than rides. Their water park also includes three animal encounter exhibits, all day dining and cabanas as while as rides for adults and kids.

In Conclusion

During all this fun it is important to keep up your energy. SeaWorld has many food vendors and cafes for you to chose from when you get hungry. With over ten restaurants and cafes for you to grab a bite to eat or a sweet treat you will never go hungry at SeaWorld. Plus each dining place has something different to offer everyone so they meet a wide variety of taste.
If you are taking a vacation away to San Antonio or just simply looking for something to do around town SeaWorld is a great place to go!