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8 Ways to Save Money on Car Oil Changes

save money on car oil change

Frequent oil changes are imperative to the maintenance of your car. If you have ever wondered about places that give the best deals, then you are just about to discover some of the best ways to save money on oil changes. Just keep reading.


1. Are you are a Costco Member? Then You are Entitled to 15% Off on Oil Changes

There are numerous benefits of being a Costco member, and getting a discount on oil changes is one of them. Although Costco does not have the provision for getting it done themselves, they will assign you to an authorized dealer where you can claim the discount.

Alternatively, you can visit the and see for yourself which dealership near you by entering your Costco membership number.

Another thing you can do is to look for exclusive dealerships which have amazing offers. If you are lucky enough to have one near your house or office, then you can save way more than 15% by availing the special offers given by the dealerships to Costco members.


2. Oil Change Coupons Are Your Best Friend

Are you a coupon clipper? Well, if you aren’t, you should be. Coupons are literally free money that you can get with minimal effort.

All you need to do is collect oil change coupons and arrange them in order of their expiry date. You just need to pay a tiny bit of attention and use them before they expire. Some coupons can save quite a few bucks, but most coupons might not save huge or cut down your expenditure by half. But it’s still free money!


3. Get the Best Oil Change Deal at Walmart

Most places will charge you between $30 to $50 for an oil change. If you are fortunate, you might get a deal for around $25. But the best place to get an oil change is Walmart. Here you can get it done at just $19.88.

There is one thing that you need to know here. This price tag is for regular oil and not synthetic oil. In case you want to treat your car better, you might opt for the synthetic oil at Walmart, which will cost around $40. Agreed, it is twice the price for regular oil, but still, you won’t find a place that gives a better price than Walmart.


4.Get 50% off on Oil Change at Jiffy Lube

If you are a frequent goer to the Jiffy Lube, then you can join their Reward Program. There is no charge involved for registration, and once you are through it, you can get the perk. On every third oil change at Jiffy’s Lube, you will get a discount of 50%. Quite a cool reward for being a frequenter!


5.Take the DIY Way

Did you know that Amazon makes its own brand of motor oil? Yes, and the price of the Amazon motor oil is far lesser than most brands prevailing in the market. However, don’t expect the Amazon delivery guy to do the oil change (just in case you were thinking)!

You will have to find a professional to do it. Granted that you will have to pay the labor charge separately, but it won’t be much. And you would end up saving some dollars on your oil change if you go the DIY way and get your own motor oil instead of letting your dealer dictate it or give you unsolicited suggestions.


6.Breaking the ”Oil Change Every 3000” Miles Myth

You must have heard that your car would be starving if you do not change the motor oil after it runs for 3000 miles. Guess what? It is a myth in 2019. In the past decades, when the engine of our automobiles wasn’t as advanced, one really needed to change motor oil after 3,000 to 3,500 miles. But this thinking holds no logic in the present scenario.

Generally speaking, in today’s date, a car can efficiently run for 7,000 miles to 10,000 miles with a single oil change. But the exact service your vehicle would give greatly depends on its mechanism and how it is wired.


7. Search for Shops that Offer Courtesy Fluid Top-Offs

Many shops offer courtesy fluid top-offs. You can search for ones that will be convenient for you to reach. However, in case you cannot think of any, just get you motor oil changed from Jiffy Lube. They offer courtesy-fluid top-offs. But these shops will have capping involved. So, don’t expect a courtesy top-off after riding your car for 7,000 miles.


8.Get Car Oil Change for Free

You read that absolutely right. If you did not know that many car dealerships offer free motor oil change, it’s about time you know it, especially when you are searching for ways to save up on car oil changes.

Dealerships which give these types of offers, limit such deals on the test drives of specific cars. You have to show them your driver’s license, and test drives the vehicle. After you take the ride, you will be credited with a certain amount for an oil change. The amount might cover the entire price of oil change or just a portion of it, but you are getting it for free, yay!

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