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Fed up of getting bundles of channels bound in long term subscriptions that you end up wasting eventually? Have you been wondering how you aren’t able to utilize a number of channels from your subscription package? YouTube TV offers a brilliant mix of LIVE streamlined services that help you get the best of both the worlds- Netflix / Hulu and cable TV.

Keep reading to find out everything about YouTube TV, how to save money with it, and YouTube TV coupon codes to get attractive discounts.

What is YouTube TV?

You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know what YouTube is. The gigantic video streaming services has come up with YouTube TV services easily accessible on your phone, tablet, computer and smart TV. It is the perfect cable replacement that gives you the freedom to choose what you want to see. You no longer end up wasting on the bundle you won’t need. Pick, choose, pay, and enjoy live stream!

As Live TV streaming service provided by Google, YouTube TV covers entire USA and is a direct competitor to Sling TV, DirecTV, and Hulu Plus.

What to expect from YouTube TV?

As a standalone product, YouTube TV offers a host of services that take your average ‘TV’ viewing experience to another level.

Got transferred to another city and wondering if there was a way to ditch the cable box? Do you find cable boxes restricting and wished TV watching was more easy and flexible? YouTube TV provides cable TV experience without the need of cable TV set top box.

YouTube TV lets you watch all your favorite cable TV networks and major broadcasts such as Fox, ABC, ESPN, CBS, AMC, NBC, and several other sports & news channels.

You can watch all of this on your smartphone, TV, computer, tablet, and gaming console. And if you are a fan of big screens, enjoy the continuous streaming on Roku player and TV, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV. Need more reasons to get YouTube TV now?

With YouTube TV, you get a cloud DVR without the storage space limits. You can record your favourite shows wherein each recording is saved up to nine months.

Now comes the best part. You don’t need separate connections for your kids, parents and/ or partner. You don’t need different connections if you want to use it on multiple devices. The biggest beef I have had with cable TV is that you get only one connection. Now it is your choice to use it for TV in your bedroom or living room. Forget the flexibility and movability. You can’t expect to take your TV with you. YouTube TV is the knight in shining armour here. You can travel with your smartphone, laptop or tablet anywhere. TV is literally with you wherever you go. Moreover, you get 6 account connections per YouTube TV subscription. Each account has its own login, recommendations, and DVR. 6 accounts per household means you, your kids, your partner everyone has their own TV. Ain’t that fantastic?

Wait, is there a catch? Literally no! You can cancel your subscription at any point of time. There is no binding contract or commitment. Still not sure? Try it. Start your YouTube TV free trial to see if it is the perfect match.

Save money on YouTube TV: YouTube TV coupon codes

Looking for ways to save money on YouTube TV subscriptions? Well, you can and you must! This is what we are here for. Save big on your next subscription using these YouTube TV coupons. And if you don’t have one, what are you even thinking. Get one today using these coupons. Hurry before they expire.

30 DAY Trial: No promo code required. Just login into your youtube tv!


How to redeem YouTube TV Coupon codes :

Made up your mind to get your first YouTube TV subscription or looking to extend the current one? Here is how to redeem these coupon codes:

  1. Download the YouTube TV app onto your smart phone, smart TV, computer or tablet from Play store or App store.
  2. Browse through the catalogue and select all the options of your interest. Fill up the shopping cart with your intended purchase items.
  3. Select the appropriate YouTube TV coupon codes from the above list. Select and copy it.
  4. As you proceed towards the checkout, notice the ‘enter promo code’ box. Paste the YouTube TV coupon code you copied in the previous step. Click apply.
  5. Proceed with the checkout as usual. As your YouTube TV subscription purchase completes, the offer will be credited to your YouTube account.


More ways to save on YouTube TV subscription purchase

YouTube TV coupon codes aren’t the only way to save money on your first or next subscription purchase. Here are a few more suggestions :

  • Birthday discount offer: There are more than 250 brands that offer discounts if you make a purchase on your birthday and/or birthday month. Know more at birthday discounts.
  • Senior discount: Several YouTube brands offer attractive discounts to senior people. Know more at senior offers and discounts.
  • Military discounts and offers: More than 1100 brand offer discounts to people who have served in the military. To know more about the offers for military veterans, visit military discounts.
  • Student offers and discounts: YouTube understands students are already running low on budget. Hence there are attractive offers and discounts for students. Visit to know more.
  • Loyalty Programs: Have been on the YouTube TV for quite some time? YouTube TV values their long term customers and has several loyalty programs running for them. To know more about the terms, conditions, and ways to use them, visit loyalty programs today.

Need more reasons to get a YouTube TV? Get going. Club the coupon codes provided here with various other offers and schemes described above and get a YouTube TV subscription. With six accounts per household and amazing discounts, you CANNNOT go wrong with YouTube TV. Get one today!

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